NFL Week 11 GPP Stacks and Plays

Winning and cashing gpps can be hard AF as we all know on Draftkings and Fanduel.
Hell cash games can be difficult at times, but we are not talking about cash games here. GPPs
is where all the money is to be won and glory is to be had. Whether you’re playing on DK the
$20 Milly Maker with over 200,000 entries or the $300 single entry Spin Move with 185 entries;
game stacking is what you want to achieve. So when your selected game stack goes off
(fingers crossed), you will move up the leaderboard that much quicker. This is not a personal
theory of mine but has been proven time and time again on top the leaderboard.  High game
totals and favorable matchups always help in choosing game stacks.

I’m going to list some alternate stacks I’m interested in playing this Sunday on the main
slate on both sites. As always prices vary from site to site whether it’s DK or FD as I’ll both. We
have a no brainer of a stackable game in Dallas/Kansas City so feel free to play everyone in
that matchup. Everyone will be in on that game so I am trying to attack other games I like. But
just so you know I will have some stacks of that game. We all know where to go there in the
game. I will usually run projections with the stacks I like and then mix, match, and pivot players
as needed. Feel free to take a stand on players and games you like. As always GL Hunters and
hoping someone binks a tournament.

QB Josh Allen DK 8.1 FD 8.8
WR Stefon Diggs DK 7.9 FD 8.1
WR Cole Beasley DK 4.8 FD 5.7
RB Jonathan Taylor DK 8.3 FD 8.8
WR Michael Pittman DK 6.1 FD 6.9

CIN/LV O/U 50.5
QB Joe Burrow DK 6.6 FD 7.4
RB Joe Mixon DK 7.6 FD 7.6
WR JaMarr Chase DK 7.2 FD 7.7
WR Tee Higgins DK 5.4 FD 6.5
WR Tyler Boyd DK 4.8 FD 5.6
QB Derek Carr DK 5.9 FD 7.2
WR Hunter Renfroe DK 5.8 FD 6.1
TE Darrin Waller DK 6.1 FD 6.7

QB Aaron Rodgers DK 7.0 FD 7.7
RB A. J. Dillon DK 6.2 FD 7.0
WR Davante Adams DK 8.4 FD 8.4
QB Kirk Cousins DK 6.1 FD 7.4
RB Dalvin Cook DK 8.2 FD 8.4
WR Justin Jefferson DK 8.1 FD 7.9
WR Adam Thielen DK 6.6 FD 7.1

MIA/NYJ O/U 44.5
QB Tua Tagovailoa DK 5.5 FD 7.0
RB Myles Gaskin DK 5.7 FD 6.2
WR Jalen Waddle DK 5.6 FD 6.7
TE Mike Gesicki DK 5.2 FD 6.3
RB Michael Carter DK 5.8 FD 6.6

Good luck in building winning dfs lineups this weekend!