Tips to Improve Your Fantasy Baseball League

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the oldest major professional sports league in the world and probably is one of the most exciting sports worldwide. This excitement goes to the next level with MLB DFS each year for fans who also want to make some money while enjoying the games and playing fantasy leagues. If you are a fan of MLB and daily fantasy sports (DFS), you should start counting days to create your daily MLB lineups to play MLB DFS and make a profit this summer. Here’s the best part of daily fantasy baseball – you don’t have to be an MLB fan or watch a single game to become a great MLB DFS player.

MLB DFS is one of the most profitable fantasies sports available in recent years. When you embrace the volatility of fantasy baseball, it’s time to improve your fantasy baseball league to improve your winnings. Though there is an abundance of data and advanced statistics, some tricks and strategies can help you with your daily MLB lineups. There is always a way or two to improve by adjusting fantasy leagues with scoring and settings. Here’re some tips to make your league more competitive and better overall to win more profit.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is really crucial when playing daily fantasy baseball leagues. Don’t make changes to an established league in the middle of the season. Find a league that has a better run with lower volatility with scoring settings after the draft is done. Get out of the league a scoring setting or an issue arises after drafting. Always decide your leagues and plan your strategies ahead of the season.

Don’t Punish for Injuries

Injury is part of the game and out of your control, so don’t punish for injuries. Things can be frustrating when you bust off a big run; you cannot do anything about it. If stashing is what worries you the most, here’s a solution. Look for leagues where there is flexibility with IL spots if you want to draft an injured player. You will find two IL spots in most standard leagues, but it’s up to the commissioner to increase the IL spots from two to five or more.

Tweak Your Scoring

Daily fantasy baseball is supposed to be fun, and keeping it simple is fine. But when it is a competition too while having fun, keeping your settings up to date to tweak your scoring with the trends is the best strategy. For example, OBP or OPS is a better measure than the batting average to portray how good a player is. Incorporate those in your scoring setting to improve your chances.

Add a Keeper Element

Adding a keeper element in your daily MLB lineups for fantasy league doesn’t just make the league more fun but also allows you to keep your leagues more competitive until the end.

It’s a lot of luck in fantasy sports, but it is your job to keep yourself up-to-date with trends in MLB DFS and look for opportunities to make space for improvements. It will help you with better scoring and winnings this summer.

What are the best strategies for fantasy football drafting?

Fantasy football is a thrilling, challenging, and addicting pastime. Anyone can compete in fantasy football by choosing their favourite payers to form a great squad and employing ideal coaching advice to get their team stronger with time. You can try some great tactics to trade players and get free agents to enhance your position. Just stay updated with important fantasy football lineups and keep a note of crucial league dates so that you do not miss out on any chance to improve your fantasy football squad.


Always remember that your draft selection is going to determine the success level of your fantasy football squad. You can use the following selection techniques to reduce risk, increase the reward and make another crucial decision on the fantasy football draft day:


  • Consider both skills and opportunity while choosing the player for guaranteed success.


  • Remember that RBs should be drafted early and frequently. Your precise plan will depend on your position in the draft but drafting two RBs is the ideal method in the first three rounds.


  • Look for a top-tier WR in the three rounds of the beginning. You should be able to find a consistent top 5 WR to sustain your receiving for the whole season, based on your league.


  • Do not pick a kicker or defence too early in the draft. There is a lot of depth at these spots by the conclusion of the draft.


  • Quarterbacks should be elected in the middle rounds. In the middle rounds, it is easier to find good and efficient quarterbacks. However, the top 10 quarterbacks will be selected before that.


  • Recognize and utilize position runs. It is most likely to be a waterfall effect after a player from a certain position is picked.


  • It is suggested to not draft studs during the same NFL bye week. Most of the time, teams are unable to prevent having some players on the same bye but it can risk the victory of the team.


  • Adhere to your original draft plan. Be confident about your player rankings. Trust in your strategy and do not let other coaches influence you to make a mistake.


  • Forget not to be the opportunist. Often the draft will not proceed as planned and you will have to face uncomfortable choices. Grab the high-ranking player, if you notice him falling.


  • Take advantage of possible breakouts and sleepers late in the game. During the season, you may find an average injury replacement. Drafting players who have the potential to become stars might win you the league in the later stages.


  • Consider selecting “handcuffs” for your finest player in the draft. A handcuff is a backup player yet has a lot of potentials. Handcuffing is vital in fantasy football as you would require someone to replace your finest player if the player gets hurt during the season.


  • After you’ve finished your fantasy football draft, assess your team’s strengths and shortcomings. Begin developing post-draft tactics to resolve any issues that have arisen on your team.


Happy Drafting!


What is an NBA Draftkings Strategy to Become a Winning Player?

NBA season 2021-2022 is around the corner. So, what are you waiting for? You should probably start the preparation to make a winning strike this season and get the most out of your investment.

There are different sites to play the games. And as the sites are different, the strategies are different. You cannot win the match following the old tried and tested methods. You should think differently and get your mind to work strategically.

In this post, we will discuss the NBA Draftkings strategies. Draftkings is one of the best NBA websites. Though it is not considered the top sports, people love playing on this website.

You should know the scoring system- The first and most important thing to know before you place the bet on Draftkings is the scoring system. Knowing the scoring system will help you pick the players who will excel with that type of scoring system. NBA DraftKings follow a standard scoring system. You will find the details when entering the contest.

You should understand the relation between minutes played and fantasy points– The primary NBA players often play the game for around 25-30 minutes per game, while the bench players play less. This is something common on all other websites, but the correlation between minutes played and fantasy points are something that you won’t find in others. The relationship is direct. In NBA DraftKings, playing for higher minutes means more fantasy points.

You should be careful of back-to-back games –When teams are playing back-to-back games, you should be very careful of the steps taken by the coaches. Usually, the coaches rest starters completely or give the teams fewer minutes. The action of the coaches might impact your game. Though it’s difficult to predict them, you should still be careful.

You should pay attention to players playing on hot streaks –You shouldn’t include hot streak players in your main Draftkings strategy, but you should be careful about the changes happening. You will have players with a few good games in a row rewarded for more minutes. On the other hand, you will find players with 1 or 2 really good games in a row, which is normal. You should be more careful if the players’ price rises on Draftkings.

You should set up your lineup as late as possible– Unlike other sports, there is more late news in NBA. Some of the news includes lineup changes, injuries, players inactive, etc. This is the most important and successful strategy at NBA Draftkings because it will help you find some real value players close to tip-off. And thus, you will get the opportunity to spend money on elite players.

You should use the right NBA DFS tools– As a beginner, it isn’t easy to win the games on your own. Sometimes, even spending hours researching isn’t helpful. So, you should use the available NBA DFS tools instead of doing the research yourself. The tools will help you win a lot of money, including a couple of big payouts in NBA DraftKings contests.

We hope these strategies help you become a winning player at the NBA Draftkings contest.

Top 4 Ranking Shooting Guards in the NBA for 2021-22 Season

Are you new to the NBA daily lineups and wondering about which players are the best shooting guards in the NBA right now? In this post, we have enlisted some of the top ranking shooting guards in the NBA lineup. Though they can also be easily listed as point guards or small forwards, there are solid reasons why they are listed among the best NBA shooting guards. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the highly talented shooting guards in the NBA.

James Harden

James Harden has been one of the most reputable NBA players as a shooting guard. He is doing much better than anyone else at this position for so many years and every metric supports this statement. This 32-year old personality has devoted 43 percent of his time with the Brooklyn Nets at 2 versus 29 percent at lead guard. He is the only elite player who has ranked higher in Box Plus/Minus, Value over Replacement Player, Player Efficiency Rating, or Win Shares per 48 minutes. This doesn’t surprise us because James Harden excels at this modern basketball game since his prime. He has got a gift of foul-drawing and shot selection.

Bradley Beal

With the stunning performance of barraging his opponents, level of scoring, and underrated playmaking and defense, Bradley Beal establishes himself as one of the top shooting guards. In general, Beal is an all-round scorer in NBA basketball and has an average of nearly 31.0 per game over the past two NBA campaigns. Between 2019-20 and 2020-21, Damian Lillard is the only equally explosive scorer with higher total points of 3,906. The way Beal scores during the game shows the full-out effort on every single play regardless of whether he has the ball or is running around and attacking the basket ruthlessly. Since it is very exhausting, Beal gains popularity to play that hard for roughly 36 minutes nightly.

Devin Booker

Devin Booker is one of the top NBA players who have changed the way people perceive him during the last season. From being a great-stats-on-a-bad-team player (as per critics), he has become one of the driving forces that make the win possible. Now, no one questions about his impact on winning because without this star player as shooting guard, there is no chance Phoenix made that far as they did in 2020-21. Besides, Booker also did some of his best scorings out of the pick-and-roll in the last season.

Donovan Mitchell

For those who were questioning Donovan Mitchell being a high scorer, Mitchell has answered all of them with super assurance last season as he led the team to a campaign in which they were No. 1 in the NBA in wins and net ratings. He takes the sport to another level by putting 32.3 points with 44.7 percent shooting from the floor and 43.5 percent shooting from beyond the arc over 10 games. His playoff performances, explosive scoring ability, and ridiculous bounce make Mitchell one of the best shooting guards in basketball.

Strategy And Tips To Have A Winning NBA DFS Lineup!

If you are into basketball, especially NBA, then chances are that you would like to know the winning recipe for NBA daily fantasy sports. Although there are no cheat codes or magic bullets for winning, there are certain concepts, if understood correctly, increase your chances to win. So, understand what most of the players tend to misunderstand, and finish the season on a strong note.

NBA Daily Fantasy Sports ownership

If you have highly owned players in your daily fantasy sports lineup and they have big games as expected from them, the score it takes to have a winning lineup tends to increase substantially. So, as a result, if you only have highly owned players filled in your lineup, you would have to need way more points to win as compared to someone who put some contrarian players in their daily fantasy sports lineup. Apart from this, you are competing with various other players who have a similar lineup as yours with just a couple of players different.

So, the best strategy would be to have a few low-owned players in your lineup, mixed with some of the best value plays of a particular night. In this way, you can ensure that you hit the sweet spot of a lineup and increase your chances to cash and even greater chance to win outright.

Roster construction

The best and most optimal way to build NBA daily fantasy sports lineup is to include players that are underpriced due to injuries to their teammates, and then spend the rest of your budget on the highest-priced players. There are some players that prefer to incorporate only the mid-priced players in their lineup, which is not really a bright idea. This is because the best way to maximize your points is by buying low-priced players that are more likely to benefit from injuries and then spend the rest of the budget with some of the big superstars of the game.

Late swap

Just like most of the other fantasy games, NBA daily fantasy sports also allows late swap in the contest. Having this feature significantly affects how you strategize for lining up your team before each game. One of the most important things you can do for winning constantly is to be tuned in for news before each game or else you would not be able to take advantage of the late swap feature.

Putting it all together

Fantasy NBA is all about taking into account the latest information because what you think of as a winning lineup one hour prior to the game might prove to be a poor lineup a few minutes later due to injuries or other technical decisions made just before the games.

So, if you have a good strategy in place and follow the sport pretty closely, NBA daily fantasy sports can be one of the most fun and engaging fantasy games out there.

Tips and Strategies to Win NBA Daily Fantasy

Whether you are at the beginner’s level in the daily fantasy sports world or an expert, it’s always good to keep sharpening your skills. When compared to other leagues, NBA daily fantasy is a different breed.

Daily fantasy basketball is the favorite fantasy sport of many people, and you can make a lot of money if you use the right strategy. Although there is no magic spell for it, there are several concepts that you must understand.

Here we will share a few tips that can help you know how to win at NBA daily fantasy.

  1. Understand the Site’s Scoring

Firstly, learn everything about the site you want to play on. Study the scoring system, roster construction, player flexibility, and whether it contains a late swap feature. When it comes to scoring, every site is different. So, it’s essential to understand the scoring so you can apply it when creating your lineups.

  1. Create a Value System

Create a realistic fantasy point goal that is sufficient enough to cash on most nights. Your goal will depend on league type, as you’ll need a much higher score to cash in GPPs than you will in cash games.

After knowing your fantasy point goal, take the total and divide it by the total salary cap of the site. Use a simple value system, as it can help you spot players that are over or under-priced.

  1. Injuries/ Opportunity

In the NBA daily fantasy, opportunities are everything. Minutes lead to opportunity, which leads directly to production. Injuries affect daily fantasy basketball more than in any other fantasy sport.

When a player gets injured, his production and minutes are picked up by his backup and the rest of his teammates. So, take advantage of backups that see a boost in production due to injuries.

If you want to stay updated with several injuries around the league, you should constantly monitor player updates throughout the day. Read each player update to be on top of all the NBA news when creating your lineups. However, be aware of unreliable sources.

  1. Targeting Hot/ Cold Streaks

Basketball is one of the “streakiest” sports. In the NBA, momentum plays a significant role for both teams and individual players. When players’ confidence is high, they are more likely to play aggressively.  It is ideal to target players on hot streaks. But make sure not to overpay for the recent production. You can also target players with a cold streak whose salaries are depressed.

  1. Use the Experts

As the industry is growing, so is the amount of coverage for daily fantasy sports. There are many experts available, giving out their opinion on the games. But with so much information, it can be overwhelming to compile it all into an optimal lineup.

With the help fantasy sports specialist, you can always pick the winner. So, don’t waste time on selecting players or teams, and let experts help you.

Whether you play as a hobby or for a living, experts can help you win more games, tournaments, head-to-head, and season-long leagues.

Importance of Center Position in NBA DFS Match

The center position for NBA DFS can make or break a player’s night.  There are a few centers that can fill up the stat sheets and throw the slate depending on how “chalky” they are.  If the player goes off and you have that person in your DFS lineup, then you have a good shot at cashing.  If that player is not in your NBA daily fantasy sports lineup, then your night is over.  The center position has multiple players that will end up with power forward eligibility depending on the site you play.  Depending on the night and which teams are playing, there could be slates where you try to fit in multiple centers into it.  Here the top center options for NBA DFS:

  1. Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic is the NBA’s MVP from last year.  He can fill up a stat sheet on any given night.  He averaged 26.4 points a game, 10.8 rebounds, 8.3 assists, and 1.3 steals per game while shooting 56% from the floor.  He certainly was the Denver Nuggets team leader.  He put up some big DFS scores last season and he should do the same this year.  With his teammate and team’s point guard, Jamal Murray, out for some time, expect Jokic to shoulder that load and pick up extra scoring and assists for his team.

  1. Joel Embiid

When this guy is fully healthy, he can be a stats beast on the court.  He can add up DFS points in a hurry.  He is certainly a center that can break a slate when he goes off.  The problem with him is injuries.  He tends to miss games every season.  Last year, he averaged 28.5 points, 10.6 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 1.4 blocks, while shooting over 51% from the field.  Very solid numbers that would look great if he did that for the entire season.  Joel Embiid is always in play to make your NBA daily fantasy sports lineups when the 76ers play.

  1. Rudy Gobert

Here is a guy that is a true center.  You won’t see him showing up with power forward eligibility on any site.  He averaged 14.3 points, 13.5 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 2.7 blocks per game while having a 67% field goal percentage.  He was the league leader in field goal percentage.  He’s not a great free throw shooting, a stat that almost no DFS site deducts points for shooting poorly from the charity stripe.  He’s a guy that you can pencil in for a double/double almost every night.  When he goes off on the boards and records those 20+ rebounds, he is a guy you want on your daily fantasy lineup for that evening.

Best Power Forward Position for Winning NBA DFS Match

Playing NBA DFS and selecting power forwards will differ across sites. The players we listed in our small forward writeup are all top options on a site like Draft Kings. On a site like Fan Duel, guys like Tatum could end up at the PF position.

On DraftKings, many Centers also have PF eligibility, making them top options at the position. No matter who you select, you want power forwards who not only score and rebound but can also fill up stats like assist, blocks, or drain some three-pointers. But the top PF in the game is also one of the top players in the league. Here are a couple of full options at the power forward position for NBA daily fantasy sports:

Giannis Antetokounmpo

This guy has the nickname of Greek Freak for a reason. His NBA DFS stats are excellent. Last year he averaged 28.1 points, 11 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 1.1 threes, 1.2 steals, 1.2 blocks with 56.9% from the floor. With numbers like that, he truly is the MVP for the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA. He led the Bucks to the championship last year. He’s often the highest NBA DFS Salary on any given night, but he’s well worth it. He racks up DFS points in so many categories. For daily fantasy basketball, he’ll undoubtedly be played often for you. It is lineup construction and his high salary that keep him off lineups. If there were no salaries, this guy would be an auto pick for so many lines. You can’t go wrong with him in a lineup.

Anthony Davis

This guy can also be a stat sheet monster if he can stay on the court. He is very inconsistent regarding whether he will play the whole game, be a late scratch, break a nail. He missed half the regular NBA season last year. He averaged 21.8 points, 7.9 rebounds, 3.1 assists, and 1.6 blocks a game.

His points could have been better if he stayed healthy all year and not played alongside Lebron.

With Westbrook coming to the Lakers this year, his numbers could take a hit in many games. But then there will be games where he’ll fill up the stat sheet.

On a team with other superstars, his NBA DFS numbers could go either way. AD may not get played as often when the PF position depends on what side you’re playing, as many Centers are eligible at PF. If this guy stays healthy and his numbers don’t take a big hit while Westbrook and James are on the floor with him, AD is undoubtedly a good play if you can fit him in the lineups.

Zion Williamson

Here is another guy when healthy fills up the NBA DFS stat sheets. He averaged 27 points, 7.2 rebounds, 3.7 assists, and 0.9 steals per game. He is very young and hasn’t even come close to his potential yet. Even at the PF position, he’s beginning to be their playmaker handing out the ball and collecting the assists. He is undoubtedly the leader of the New Orleans Pelicans.


Best Strategies to Win NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball Matches

Everyone’s goal with daily fantasy basketball is to win as much money as possible.  A great way to build up your bankroll steadily over time is to play 50/50 or double-up contests where you have about a 50% chance of winning.  If you are consistent enough, you can win these over half of the time and grow your account value slowly.  But what excites people in daily fantasy is the GPP tournaments where on any given day in the NBA, you can turn $1 into thousands or even $20 into a million.

Let’s look at some winning strategies to use in your NBA daily lineups to take down large GPP tournaments.

The first strategy with NBA daily fantasy is to play the value game.  This strategy is essential to keep up with the latest injury news and find last-minute replacements for injured players.  In a DraftKings NBA tournament, you get $6,250 on average to spend on a player.  If a top-priced player, such as Joel Embiid, is $11,000 and ruled out at the last minute, pivot your lineup to incorporate his replacement. Embiid’s replacement would be Andre Drummond, who may play 20 minutes or less on any night.  However, when Embiid is out of the lineup, Drummond will likely see 30+ minutes.  His price probably set around $5,000 before Embiid rolls out, and now you are getting an estimated $8,500 player at the expense of just $5,000.

Building off of that strategy, you can now use the other spots in your NBA daily lineup to pay up for higher-scoring players.

Finding value like this gives your lineup the highest ceiling, which is the most important thing for taking down big tournaments that could have 50,000+ lineups in them.

The last strategy is to fade players.  There are two parts to this strategy.  The first is to anticipate which players will be highly owned and not use them in your lineup.  That gives you an advantage if that player flops.  Say Luka Doncic is in an excellent spot for a high-scoring game and is 70% owned in that tournament, but he only gets 28 fantasy points (about half of his average).  Since you didn’t have him rostered, it gives you a significant advantage over that 70% of lineups.  You would also consider going after projected low-owned players to achieve a similar benefit in your NBA daily lineups.

Importance of Point Guard in Fantasy Basketball Team

It is pretty tricky for a basketball team to have championship aspirations without an accurate and reliable point guard in today’s NBA.

In the ultra-competitive world of NBA DFS, a player can only go so far without a point guard.   Point guards can stuff up the stat sheet and an NBA DFS player’s point total with points, assists, and steals.

Of course, it is always advantageous to have a good rebounding point guard.  Today, you will have more point guards that grab rebounds to start a fast break and push the pace.

This piece will highlight some of the top point guards that will serve as anchors for their daily fantasy players.


  1. Luka Doncic

While the Dallas Mavericks roster has some solid scoring options, it is still clear that it is the Luka Doncic show in Dallas.  He is the fodder that stirs the drink.  The entire offense runs through him.

As a result, daily fantasy players would be crazy not to have exposure to Luka Doncic on their teams every time the Mavericks play.

Luka Doncic is a triple-double waiting to happen.  It is doubtful that another player on the Mavs will score more daily fantasy points on a given night.  A good man builds on a house on a solid foundation. An excellent everyday fantasy basketball player makes his team on Luka Doncic.


  1. Stephen Curry

When looking for a foundational point guard on a daily fantasy player, Stephen Curry has to be near the top of the class.  There is no secret that Stephen Curry will continue to stake his claim as the best three-point shooter of all time.  His free throw shooting is automatic.

With Klay Thompson returning to action, Stephen Curry will be even more dangerous as opposing defenses will now have to pay attention to both Splash Brothers once again.  There may be a dip in his point totals as a result.  However, he is still a great anchor for any daily fantasy basketball team.


  1. Trae Young

Now that Trae Young has the undivided attention of casual and die-hard fans, one can assume that he will continue to give opposing defenses a hard time.  Despite the solid young talent on the Hawks, the Atlanta Hawks heavily depend on him still as a scorer and a much-improved passer.  He is undoubtedly a candidate for many 30 points, ten assist performances next season. Trae Young is a foundational player for one’s DFS basketball team at the point guard position.