What’s Holding You Back from Winning NFL Daily Fantasy Teams?

It is likely that if you are a football fan, you have already entered a fantasy league to see how you stack up. The NFL is the most popular daily fantasy sport, so winning money is more challenging.

You may find these four reasons beneficial in figuring out why you are struggling to compete in contests you are entering.


  1. You Put Too Much Stock in Last Week

We all indeed suffer from recency bias to some degree. That is especially true in the case of sports prediction, whether it is betting on sports or playing Yahoo daily fantasy sports.

As a sports term, bias refers to putting too much weight on the results from the previous game. When you base your decisions on the last round’s results, you do not consider the bigger picture.

Avoid making any changes to a lineup based solely on how a player performed in the last game. Instead, choose players who have a history of consistent performance.

Remember, even average players can have good performances every once in a while, but you should not rely on them regularly.


  1. You Do not Evaluate the Player’s Matchup

By drafting your team based on who has been the most successful overall, you might miss out on those high-value players who are going for affordable prices than they ought to be, considering their upcoming matchup.

Understand the particular matchup advantages that will provide you with a competitive edge in your contest


  1. You Do not Allocate Your Salary Dollars Appropriately

When it comes to creating a daily fantasy NFL strategy, you cannot ignore salary cap considerations.

  • Is it worth putting together a lineup with a heavy dependence on the team’s most valuable players?
  • Would it be wise to save money by having good players at the bottom of your roster?


The problem is that there is no tried-and-true guide that can help you make these decisions. But it is a good idea to start as many top-tier players as possible.

A winning strategy does not necessarily depend on how much money you have left after selecting the star players but on how you draft the cheaper players.

In other words, it’s not about drafting good players at the bottom to save money at the top – it’s about correctly predicting which “cheap” players will perform well.


  1. You Enter the Wrong Contests

Each DFS service offers several different contest types that you can play depending on your risk tolerance. For instance, some contests have huge payouts, but they are significantly more challenging to win.

As a new Yahoo daily fantasy player, you should focus on the most winnable contests and enter the high-payout contests occasionally, depending on your preference.



If you’re interested in competitive DFS, no matter your skill level, there is a contest that will suit you. Keep these tips in mind to gain an advantage over your competitors who are likely to commit some of these mistakes.

How to Optimize Your NBA Daily Fantasy Lineup?

When it comes to daily fantasy sports, NBA is very popular, and with the ongoing season heating up, there is much more money on stakes for fantasy players to win. With more popularity comes more competition, and you need to keep a close eye on what’s happening in daily games and what’s going around with each team and player to crate your best NBA lineup. DFS pros use NBA daily fantasy analysis, news, and sophisticated algorithms to set a high optimized NBA lineup for greater chances to win a game.

There are multiple NBA lineup optimizers you can use to optimize your teams for a winning combination. It is very important to be very active with your daily NBA DFS research process and get yourself up to date with NBA starting lineup news, injury reports, and daily fantasy strategies from DFS pros. It helps you build an optimized NBA lineup on FanDuel, SuperDraft, and DraftKings. You can use the following outcomes from your daily research and analysis to optimize your teams just before the games:

NBA Projections

NBA DFS projections are managed and updated daily until the last moments based on more information and news coming cover. NBA projections are an integral part of the process in NBA daily fantasy to guide players to pick the right NBA lineup based on projections from DFS pros. It is a proven strategy to create the best DFS lineups throughout the season.

NBA Rankings

Daily NBA fantasy projections lead to NBA rankings based on fantasy points and value. It let you find out the highest-ranked and valued players. Spend most of your available budget on roster players with solid value rankings to build a competitive lineup.

NBA Boom/Bust Tool

Comparing the strength of each player against their popularity every day is the key to success in any daily fantasy sport. You can use various factors to calculate the standard deviation and determine whether a player will meet the value or not based on their selections by others in fantasy leagues. These metrics will help you identify players that are over-owned and under-owned to gain an edge in fantasy team drafting.

NBA Ownership Projections

Initial ownership percentages are posted and updated throughout the day. You can check the latest NAB ownership projections every two hours until the 30 minutes before the lock. These regular updates keep you up to date with last-minute injury reports that can affect your overall NBA drafts.

These are some common NBA daily fantasy tools to build an optimized NBA lineup before locking your drafts in the leagues. Daily analysis and sit-start advice from DFS pros can hugely impact your winnings throughout the NBA season.

A Guide for Novices on Getting Started with NBA FanDuel Lineup

Are you looking to learn the best practices for winning at FanDuel NBA? This article can help you get all the basic information and tips that you will need as a novice. So, without any delay, let’s get started with daily NBA fantasy basketball on FanDuel.

The Basics of Daily NBA FanDuel Sport

Though daily fantasy basketball is usually a predictable sport on a night-by-night basis, you will need lots of strategies to draft the best NBA FanDuel lineup and play daily fantasy basketball sport smartly. Many players in NBA have very high floors, which makes it one of the safer league types. Therefore, a significant number of daily fantasy basketball players invest a huge amount of money into FanDuel.

On FanDuel, you will find various modes of games, such as 50/50s, Multipliers, Leagues, Head-to-Heads, Tournaments, Beat the Score, etc. As a beginner, you should learn about each game mode, and make yourself well-equipped in how to approach each mode. So, choose the one that you find most comfortable playing. Once you do that, your next step should be to pick up your NBA FanDuel lineup.

What to Note:

When picking up your daily NBA lineup, note that:

  • The salary cap on FanDuel is $60,000.
  • The salary range of NBA players on FanDuel varies from $3,500 to $11,000+.

Why Salary cap? This way, not only do you know the values of players but you also need to use this knowledge when deciding on your budget during draft.

Tips for Your NBA FanDuel Lineup


  1. You need to select a 9-man lineup where each position contains two players, except for the center for which you need to select only one player. Thus, you need players for these standard roster positions: 2 Point Guards (PG), 2 Shooting Guards (SG), 2 Small Forwards (SF), 2 Power Forwards (PF), and 1 Center (C).
  1. When it comes to winning daily NBA fantasy sport, keep your emotions aside. Meaning, don’t go by the name of players or your favorite ones. Check out the playing time on the floor of each player and their stats for pickup up your NBA lineup on FanDuel.
  1. Injuries can help you win or lose your game and money. So, always stay on the top of news regarding players’ injuries, and keep backups to replace the injured player instantly.
  1. Remember that when you play NBA fantasy on FanDuel, it is not always all about scoring points. Hustle stats can be very beneficial. So, keep your eyes on multi-stat contributors.
  1. Choose good and consistent bench options. Though bench players won’t be in your starting lineup, they might turn out to be your savior in case of injuries or absences.
  1. As long as the low-end players you have give quality stats, you will have a bigger advantage. So, spend money on your guards instead of bigs.
  1. Keep an eye on the travel and rest schedule of the players when drafting your NBA lineup. Besides, you also need to check out match statistics and use this knowledge as you start picking value players first.

NBA Scoring System on FanDuel

  • Point = 1 Point
  • Rebound = 1.2 Points
  • Assist = 1.5 Points
  • Steal = 2 Points
  • Block = 2 Points
  • Turnover = -1 Point
  • Missed Shots = No Negative Points

Since FanDuel is not going to penalize you for missed shots, you can focus on choosing high-volume players without worrying about their efficiency. In other words, if a player takes a lot of shots, he is a good option because it doesn’t matter how many he misses.

We hope this information will help you get started with picking up a great NBA FanDuel lineup.

Some Tips You Should Follow To Select The Best NBA Daily Fantasy Roster!

If you are looking for consistent success over your competitors in daily fantasy sports, you must know how to draft a winning team that is different and unique than the rest of the competition. When talking about NBA, this is considered to be an extremely difficult challenge as the set of players available to choose from is limited.

There is no denying the fact that it is the stars that drive a team’s success, whether it is on the court or on your DFS roster. Hence, selecting the right star out of the lot tends to be the key difference between winning and losing, being ahead of your competitors and behind them. So, if you wish to stay ahead of all your friends and competitors in daily fantasy sports, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will look at a few tips that would help you pick a better daily fantasy sports roster and keep winning week in and week out.

  • Evaluate the stars’ matchups:
    As compared to any other sport, pro basketball is more of a game of individual matchups within the context of a team game. The league these days isn’t anything like what it used to be as the defense is nowhere near as strong as it used to be. This means that the difference between a star player facing an average defensive team and a firm defensive team (there are still a couple of them) can be a significant one. All in all, you should not just make the choices based on the skills of the player but you should also consider the matchup for each game.


  • Budget allocation:
    First and foremost, you would be needed to spend a huge percentage of your budget on the star players. The NBA is known to be a star-driven league without any doubt, and just like in reality, you would need to have top-tier talent and stars in your roster so as to be competitive in the league. With that being said, you will still be left with some tremendous value to be able to draft second-tier players who can help your roster. The bottom line is that you should not just want to pay for the best players because it is just not practical to not involve second-tier players as well.


  • Use late swaps:
    You would find that the rules are always changing on all platforms, but the feature of “late swaps” has become a staple in daily fantasy sports. If you are not aware of this, this option allows you to go back and edit a lineup if you are not satisfied with your lineup minutes before the game starts. Late swaps can be the difference between winning and losing, so you should use them when applicable.


By keeping these tips in mind, you are most likely to have a strong roster and always stay ahead of your friends in the league.

Top 5 Breakout Fantasy NFL Players You Should Select for Week 11

In the later stages of the fantasy football season, each week is becoming increasingly crucial and exciting. Also, there will be a large number of bye weeks to consider. The right matchup in NFL DFS can make a good player have an incredible week. That is a common strategy fantasy footballers use to find and exploit favorable matchups.

However, not all on-paper matchups pan out. Playing a guy based on a matchup can occasionally backfire.

Here are some breakout stars who will exploit their matchup this week.

  1. D’Onta Foreman (RB) – Tennessee Titan


Despite only having five carries for the season, Foreman carried 11 times for 48 yards and caught two passes for 48 yards. The usage is remarkable because he had more carries than either Peterson (eight) or McNichols (four).


In deeper leagues, Foreman is worth a speculative pickup despite an isolated game plan issue. Foreman will face the Houston Texans in Week 11.


  1. Cam Newton (QB) – Carolina Panthers


It’s always essential to pay attention to quarterbacks that can make a difference. Newton’s return to Carolina is sure to benefit the Panthers’ fantasy options while also giving him a chance to rediscover his groove.


Newton’s presence in the Panthers’ game on Sunday bodes well for his chances to be on the starting line in Week 11 against Washington.


  1. Marcus Johnson (WR) – Tennessee Titans


Marcus Johnson was the player who took advantage of the opportunity this Sunday by catching five of six targets for an even 100 yards, including a 50-yard reception. In fantasy leagues, Johnson is a target of interest for owners who may want to put him on their starting lineup for another week.


  1. Wayne Gallman (RB) – Atlanta Falcon


In Week 10, Gallman was given 15 carries against the Cowboys, an impressive workload. He had previously served as a feature back, notably as a replacement for Saquon Barkley in 2020 when Barkley went down for the year.


The chances of Gallman as a starter this late in the season are slim, but you should take advantage of any chance of adding him to your dream fantasy team. It is possible that Gallman might be an RB2 who could score a goal-line touchdown, boosting his value.


  1. Rhamondre Stevenson (RB) – New England Patriots


New England’s rookie quarterback Rhamondre Stevenson prevailed in Week 10 against the Cleveland Browns after Damien Harris was ruled out due to a concussion.


As Stevenson racked up 100 yards on 20 carries with two touchdowns, the Patriots also called Stevenson’s number during the passing game as he recorded two receptions for ten yards to close out a spectacular performance.


Since New England plays Atlanta on Thursday, Stevenson should be the top target in your NFL dream team lineup.


In order to create a good NFL DFS lineup, you need skill and a bit of luck. An injury can upset your lineup, or a last-minute touchdown can make you money. Either way, it’s both fun and challenging to figure out the best lineup.

Tips for New Players to Avoid Losing in NBA Fantasy Sport

Someday it’s in your favor, and someday it’s not, but you can avoid losing big and daily in NBA fantasy sports with the right strategy and game plan. There is always the risk of losing as luck plays a great part in deciding on well your NBA DFS lineup performs. You can make things in your favor by taking the advantage of all the resources and knowledge available out there. The very first thing that a new player should know is that there really is nothing like big winning in NBA daily fantasy as shown in most commercials. Instead, focus on growing your investment and get off the board on time to save yourself from losing.

Fantasy sports are all about thrilling experiences and fun until unless you are climbing on the ladder and your money grows. If you want to play longer in DFS, you need to know when and how to manage your NBA DFS picks and lineups. Big wins are there, but they rarely happen with the luckiest DFS player in the sport. So, it’s better to just barely succeed and get paid than you fail in hope of big winnings. Here’re a few tips to keep in mind to avoid losing in NBA fantasy sport:

Bankroll management

First, leave your ego aside and understand that you will lose in fantasy sports at times, so risk your money accordingly. Make your money stretch for the longevity of your DFS season with your invested amount initially. Don’t put everything you have and risk only up to 10% of what you have to play anytime. Managing your funds and winning properly can save you from losing big and regularly.

Know your DFS sport

No matter if you are playing on DraftKings, SuperDraft, or FanDuel, you need to research well and understand the game format to increase your chances. You should know what you are doing and how it is done. Knowing the scoring system and paying attention to hot streaks can help you draft the best NBA DFS picks. Your research will be paid off if you know about the game and fantasy sports altogether.

Be careful of back to backs

Taking rest between games is a good strategy in NBA fantasy sports to avoid losing. You should be careful of back-to-backs to sustain your winning streak. In actual games, when teams are playing back-to-back games, coaches may rest some players between the games, and you should be careful of that. It can hurt your DFS drafting and strategy.

Play single entry contests

The safest way to play fantasy sports is to take part in small and single-entry contests. It reduces the risk of losing to a great extent. You compete against a few hundred or thousand players compared to other contests as nobody has more than one DFS lineup. It opens the game for everyone equally and increases your chances of winning.

Research and team drafting is the key in daily fantasy sports to get paid off well. When you know the rules and your limitations while making NBA DFS picks, you are at less risk of losing. This way you can play as long as possible while growing your money in a long season of NBA tournaments.

How To Play and Win Daily Fantasy Basketball on SuperDraft?

NBA announces schedules for its 75th anniversary regular season starting from October 19, 2021 and concluding on April 10, 2022. With this, fantasy players have also been scheduled in the game mode to play and win big in daily fantasy basketball. With 82 games per team in the 2021-22 regular season, there are plenty of opportunities for every fantasy player to make winning NBA daily lineups during the season.

There are many DFS sites out there where you can play daily fantasy basketball in different modes as per your likes and skills. SuperDraft is different from other DFS sites where you can monetize your basketball knowledge in different game formats. including standard, champion, and Super 15. Each format has its own challenges and fun that you can learn easily to win big.

Standard mode with Multiplier

On SueprDraft, there is no salary cap format with dollar figures. Instead, you will have multipliers for every player. A multiplier value represents a handicap. It means, a more talented player is assigned with a lower multiplier and a less established player is assigned with a higher multiplier. Multipliers make the fantasy game more interesting with your standard NBA daily lineups.

Fantasy points against each player are multiplied by his multiplier value during the game to calculate the total fantasy points accrued. For example, if a player with a 1.5X multiplier scores 50 points, he would actually receive 50 * 1.5X = 75 fantasy points. So, if a less established player in your fantasy team scores more points, the probability of you winning the game increases.

In multiplier format on SuperDraft, you can draft 7 players in your NBA daily lineups in the following format:

  • 3 guards
  • 3 forwards
  • 1 center

There are no limitations on how you draft your fantasy team. You have complete freedom as long as you follow the format.

Champion Mode

Champion mode on the SuperDraft DFS site is slightly different. You are allowed to select 4 Superflex players in your NBA fantasy lineup. There is also a multiplier value for each player but with a twist. In SuperDraft Champion Mode, you select a champion player in your lineup who receives a 50% scoring boost for the points he scored in the game. For example, if you select a 1X as a Superflex and your campion, he will score 1.5X fantasy points in the league.

In champion mode format on SuperDraft, there will be 4 Superflex players and 1 Champion in every NBA fantasy lineup with a total of 5 players. You can play single-game and multi-game formats in champion mode to maximize your fun and winnings.

Super15 Mode

There is no multiplier in this format. In Super15 mode on SuperDraft, you select a team of 5 players that you think will win by scoring the maximum points. There are 5 rows – a $5 row, $4 row, $3 row, $2 row, and a $1 row in Super15 mode on SuperDraft. You can draft your lineup with $15 in your hand to make a winning combination. The Scoring system is the same as the standard and champion mode but without multipliers. Simply select the 5 best players utilizing your $15 spending limit and send it to wait and watch.

With the right strategy and scoring knowledge in each mode, you can easily draft winning NBA daily lineups on SuperDraft for maximum returns. In the end, luck matters on a particular day and how well your drafted players play in your scheme.

Is FanDuel Fantasy a Good Place to Make Real Money?

For all those who are passionate fans of sports, FanDuel Fantasy is the premium destination to play. It not only allows sports fans to have fun and thrill by playing leagues and tournaments but also win real cash prizes. For American sports fans, FanDuel is the go-to place for sports betting.

Who Should Try FanDuel Fantasy Sports Online?

If you are wondering that whether FanDuel Fantasy is the right place for you to make real money or not, you would be happy to know that there is something for everyone on FanDuel.

Thus, it doesn’t matter if you are a crazy fan of fantasy soccer, fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball or fantasy football, you will find FanDuel the best place to spend your time on and win real money. FanDuel also has contests for other games like fantasy hockey, fantasy NASCAR, fantasy golf, and more.

So, don’t think that FanDuel is just for fantasy football fans. Just check out your favorite fantasy sports on FanDuel. There are greater chances that you will find it on this platform.

Besides, if you are a newbie, you can participate in contests on FanDuel exclusively designed for beginners. So, it is always a fair game and you get time to learn all the techniques at your own pace. No experienced fantasy sports fans are allowed in new beginner contests.

You can easily draft your fantasy team with much ease every time you participate in a contest. There are very simple steps that help you build your fantasy teams. Every player comes with a price value. So, you need to choose players based on who you think are the best without crossing the salary cap.

When you play on FanDuel, you know who you are playing against exactly. You can play against your friends or even everyone. The best part is that you don’t have to make any season-long commitment.

How do I earn money on FanDuel Fantasy?

When it comes to learning how to play on FanDuel and earn money, you will, first, need to know the specifics of the sports you want to play. Before you start playing, get yourself familiar with the various game offerings on FanDuel, how they are different from each other, and how you should approach each offering to become a winner and earn money.

Play Head-to-Head Games

These are the games where FanDuel users play one-on-one and typically profit $1.80 on every $1 spent in case they win. Thus, if you really understand the specifics of your game and have an edge, you can greatly scale your profitability by playing daily fantasy sports.

On FanDuel, you can easily see a user’s win total and how many games they have won. Besides, you can also handpick players who are not above your skill level. Researching about your opponent also plays a great role in increasing your chances of winning.

Participate in Tournaments and Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP)

Apart from having leagues in different sizes, FanDuel also offers a number of tournaments. These leagues have thousands of entrants, and FanDuel typically pays around 10 percent of tournament entries. Hence, you will need to have a great score to cash. Those who do cash can at least triple their money as there is usually serious cash available at the top of the prize structure. Some tournaments guarantee the prize even if the league doesn’t fill up. These are called Guaranteed Prize Pools.

The easiest and best way to become a great player on FanDuel Fantasy is to gain experience by playing as many leagues as possible. You can even start playing on FanDuel with zero money as it also offers free leagues (with no prizes) and free rolls (free leagues with prizes).

How To Play Daily Fantasy Sports Competitively?

In the early days, fantasy sport was not like it’s today. It was a season-long affair in which players had to draft a team, wait for at least six months, hope to win, and then expect a payment for the same. But today, things have changed and players don’t have to wait for months to get paid. With the introduction of daily fantasy sports, the contest could be as short as a single day. It means you can draft a team and get the return instantly after the win. The only thing is you should play strategically with a good team.

How do daily fantast sports work?

The working of daily fantasy sports is very simple. It’s just that these sports are played online. The steps to play daily fantasy sports are:

  • Enter a contest
  • Build a team by choosing a particular slate of games
  • Track the performance of your team
  • Collect your money after the contest is over

In these sports, injuries don’t matter. Also, there is nothing to worry about trades, changing team roles, cold streaks, or suspensions. The winning entirely depends on the performance of your team for the respective slate games.

The best thing is you don’t need to play if you go on a vacation or have a busy week. Also, you don’t have to update your daily fantasy sports lineups continuously. You can restart the game whenever you are ready.

In simple words, daily fantasy sports are a short-term, low-commitment version of the season-long fantasy game that players used to play earlier.

Tips to play daily fantasy sports and be a good competitor 

Join a DFS site 

There are many, completely regulated DFS sites listed online but the two names that stand out in the list are DraftKings and FanDuel.

The joining process is very simple. You just have to feed the personal info and deposit a certain amount to enter the contest. The DFS sites ask for personal details to verify your eligibility to become a member.

On some DFS websites, you might get a sign-up bonus. You can take advantage of the sign-up bonus and play on different websites to know which is better. You might also find the beginner-only contest on some DFS providers.

Choose a sport you know to play or are familiar with 

The sports listed on different DFS sites are different. We recommend choosing a sport in which you are the most knowledgeable.

If your choice is into niche sports, things might not be easy for you. Chances are that your sport isn’t in the current season’s league. So, you should keep your options but with proper knowledge.

You shouldn’t familiarize yourself with a new sport because DFS is expensive, especially for some specific sports. You should check the available sports contests on different DFS sites before you pick one for yourself.

Build a winning team 

When building a team, you should look at factors like daily matchups and player hot streaks. You should pick lower-cost players who will out-perform expectations even if it’s for a day because picking costly players can lead to losses. Don’t hire injured players.

There are DFS research sites that do most of the heavy lifting. After in-depth research, these sites pull in the most critical metrics. With the help of the data pulled in by these DFS sites, you should build daily fantasy sports lineups.

Track your team’s performance and make the necessary adjustment 

Tracking your team’s performance over time is very important because you have invested in it. Tracking will help you know if the current strategy is working in the right way. If not, then you can make the changes or adjust your play accordingly.

The future of daily fantasy sports is bright. The DFS giants are going to keep growing and expanding. So, you should join it soon.

NFL Week 11 GPP Stacks and Plays

Winning and cashing gpps can be hard AF as we all know on Draftkings and Fanduel.
Hell cash games can be difficult at times, but we are not talking about cash games here. GPPs
is where all the money is to be won and glory is to be had. Whether you’re playing on DK the
$20 Milly Maker with over 200,000 entries or the $300 single entry Spin Move with 185 entries;
game stacking is what you want to achieve. So when your selected game stack goes off
(fingers crossed), you will move up the leaderboard that much quicker. This is not a personal
theory of mine but has been proven time and time again on top the leaderboard.  High game
totals and favorable matchups always help in choosing game stacks.

I’m going to list some alternate stacks I’m interested in playing this Sunday on the main
slate on both sites. As always prices vary from site to site whether it’s DK or FD as I’ll both. We
have a no brainer of a stackable game in Dallas/Kansas City so feel free to play everyone in
that matchup. Everyone will be in on that game so I am trying to attack other games I like. But
just so you know I will have some stacks of that game. We all know where to go there in the
game. I will usually run projections with the stacks I like and then mix, match, and pivot players
as needed. Feel free to take a stand on players and games you like. As always GL Hunters and
hoping someone binks a tournament.

QB Josh Allen DK 8.1 FD 8.8
WR Stefon Diggs DK 7.9 FD 8.1
WR Cole Beasley DK 4.8 FD 5.7
RB Jonathan Taylor DK 8.3 FD 8.8
WR Michael Pittman DK 6.1 FD 6.9

CIN/LV O/U 50.5
QB Joe Burrow DK 6.6 FD 7.4
RB Joe Mixon DK 7.6 FD 7.6
WR JaMarr Chase DK 7.2 FD 7.7
WR Tee Higgins DK 5.4 FD 6.5
WR Tyler Boyd DK 4.8 FD 5.6
QB Derek Carr DK 5.9 FD 7.2
WR Hunter Renfroe DK 5.8 FD 6.1
TE Darrin Waller DK 6.1 FD 6.7

QB Aaron Rodgers DK 7.0 FD 7.7
RB A. J. Dillon DK 6.2 FD 7.0
WR Davante Adams DK 8.4 FD 8.4
QB Kirk Cousins DK 6.1 FD 7.4
RB Dalvin Cook DK 8.2 FD 8.4
WR Justin Jefferson DK 8.1 FD 7.9
WR Adam Thielen DK 6.6 FD 7.1

MIA/NYJ O/U 44.5
QB Tua Tagovailoa DK 5.5 FD 7.0
RB Myles Gaskin DK 5.7 FD 6.2
WR Jalen Waddle DK 5.6 FD 6.7
TE Mike Gesicki DK 5.2 FD 6.3
RB Michael Carter DK 5.8 FD 6.6

Good luck in building winning dfs lineups this weekend!