What’s Holding You Back from Winning NFL Daily Fantasy Teams?

It is likely that if you are a football fan, you have already entered a fantasy league to see how you stack up. The NFL is the most popular daily fantasy sport, so winning money is more challenging.

You may find these four reasons beneficial in figuring out why you are struggling to compete in contests you are entering.


  1. You Put Too Much Stock in Last Week

We all indeed suffer from recency bias to some degree. That is especially true in the case of sports prediction, whether it is betting on sports or playing Yahoo daily fantasy sports.

As a sports term, bias refers to putting too much weight on the results from the previous game. When you base your decisions on the last round’s results, you do not consider the bigger picture.

Avoid making any changes to a lineup based solely on how a player performed in the last game. Instead, choose players who have a history of consistent performance.

Remember, even average players can have good performances every once in a while, but you should not rely on them regularly.


  1. You Do not Evaluate the Player’s Matchup

By drafting your team based on who has been the most successful overall, you might miss out on those high-value players who are going for affordable prices than they ought to be, considering their upcoming matchup.

Understand the particular matchup advantages that will provide you with a competitive edge in your contest


  1. You Do not Allocate Your Salary Dollars Appropriately

When it comes to creating a daily fantasy NFL strategy, you cannot ignore salary cap considerations.

  • Is it worth putting together a lineup with a heavy dependence on the team’s most valuable players?
  • Would it be wise to save money by having good players at the bottom of your roster?


The problem is that there is no tried-and-true guide that can help you make these decisions. But it is a good idea to start as many top-tier players as possible.

A winning strategy does not necessarily depend on how much money you have left after selecting the star players but on how you draft the cheaper players.

In other words, it’s not about drafting good players at the bottom to save money at the top – it’s about correctly predicting which “cheap” players will perform well.


  1. You Enter the Wrong Contests

Each DFS service offers several different contest types that you can play depending on your risk tolerance. For instance, some contests have huge payouts, but they are significantly more challenging to win.

As a new Yahoo daily fantasy player, you should focus on the most winnable contests and enter the high-payout contests occasionally, depending on your preference.



If you’re interested in competitive DFS, no matter your skill level, there is a contest that will suit you. Keep these tips in mind to gain an advantage over your competitors who are likely to commit some of these mistakes.

Some Tips You Should Follow To Select The Best NBA Daily Fantasy Roster!

If you are looking for consistent success over your competitors in daily fantasy sports, you must know how to draft a winning team that is different and unique than the rest of the competition. When talking about NBA, this is considered to be an extremely difficult challenge as the set of players available to choose from is limited.

There is no denying the fact that it is the stars that drive a team’s success, whether it is on the court or on your DFS roster. Hence, selecting the right star out of the lot tends to be the key difference between winning and losing, being ahead of your competitors and behind them. So, if you wish to stay ahead of all your friends and competitors in daily fantasy sports, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will look at a few tips that would help you pick a better daily fantasy sports roster and keep winning week in and week out.

  • Evaluate the stars’ matchups:
    As compared to any other sport, pro basketball is more of a game of individual matchups within the context of a team game. The league these days isn’t anything like what it used to be as the defense is nowhere near as strong as it used to be. This means that the difference between a star player facing an average defensive team and a firm defensive team (there are still a couple of them) can be a significant one. All in all, you should not just make the choices based on the skills of the player but you should also consider the matchup for each game.


  • Budget allocation:
    First and foremost, you would be needed to spend a huge percentage of your budget on the star players. The NBA is known to be a star-driven league without any doubt, and just like in reality, you would need to have top-tier talent and stars in your roster so as to be competitive in the league. With that being said, you will still be left with some tremendous value to be able to draft second-tier players who can help your roster. The bottom line is that you should not just want to pay for the best players because it is just not practical to not involve second-tier players as well.


  • Use late swaps:
    You would find that the rules are always changing on all platforms, but the feature of “late swaps” has become a staple in daily fantasy sports. If you are not aware of this, this option allows you to go back and edit a lineup if you are not satisfied with your lineup minutes before the game starts. Late swaps can be the difference between winning and losing, so you should use them when applicable.


By keeping these tips in mind, you are most likely to have a strong roster and always stay ahead of your friends in the league.

How To Play Daily Fantasy Sports Competitively?

In the early days, fantasy sport was not like it’s today. It was a season-long affair in which players had to draft a team, wait for at least six months, hope to win, and then expect a payment for the same. But today, things have changed and players don’t have to wait for months to get paid. With the introduction of daily fantasy sports, the contest could be as short as a single day. It means you can draft a team and get the return instantly after the win. The only thing is you should play strategically with a good team.

How do daily fantast sports work?

The working of daily fantasy sports is very simple. It’s just that these sports are played online. The steps to play daily fantasy sports are:

  • Enter a contest
  • Build a team by choosing a particular slate of games
  • Track the performance of your team
  • Collect your money after the contest is over

In these sports, injuries don’t matter. Also, there is nothing to worry about trades, changing team roles, cold streaks, or suspensions. The winning entirely depends on the performance of your team for the respective slate games.

The best thing is you don’t need to play if you go on a vacation or have a busy week. Also, you don’t have to update your daily fantasy sports lineups continuously. You can restart the game whenever you are ready.

In simple words, daily fantasy sports are a short-term, low-commitment version of the season-long fantasy game that players used to play earlier.

Tips to play daily fantasy sports and be a good competitor 

Join a DFS site 

There are many, completely regulated DFS sites listed online but the two names that stand out in the list are DraftKings and FanDuel.

The joining process is very simple. You just have to feed the personal info and deposit a certain amount to enter the contest. The DFS sites ask for personal details to verify your eligibility to become a member.

On some DFS websites, you might get a sign-up bonus. You can take advantage of the sign-up bonus and play on different websites to know which is better. You might also find the beginner-only contest on some DFS providers.

Choose a sport you know to play or are familiar with 

The sports listed on different DFS sites are different. We recommend choosing a sport in which you are the most knowledgeable.

If your choice is into niche sports, things might not be easy for you. Chances are that your sport isn’t in the current season’s league. So, you should keep your options but with proper knowledge.

You shouldn’t familiarize yourself with a new sport because DFS is expensive, especially for some specific sports. You should check the available sports contests on different DFS sites before you pick one for yourself.

Build a winning team 

When building a team, you should look at factors like daily matchups and player hot streaks. You should pick lower-cost players who will out-perform expectations even if it’s for a day because picking costly players can lead to losses. Don’t hire injured players.

There are DFS research sites that do most of the heavy lifting. After in-depth research, these sites pull in the most critical metrics. With the help of the data pulled in by these DFS sites, you should build daily fantasy sports lineups.

Track your team’s performance and make the necessary adjustment 

Tracking your team’s performance over time is very important because you have invested in it. Tracking will help you know if the current strategy is working in the right way. If not, then you can make the changes or adjust your play accordingly.

The future of daily fantasy sports is bright. The DFS giants are going to keep growing and expanding. So, you should join it soon.

What are the best strategies for fantasy football drafting?

Fantasy football is a thrilling, challenging, and addicting pastime. Anyone can compete in fantasy football by choosing their favourite payers to form a great squad and employing ideal coaching advice to get their team stronger with time. You can try some great tactics to trade players and get free agents to enhance your position. Just stay updated with important fantasy football lineups and keep a note of crucial league dates so that you do not miss out on any chance to improve your fantasy football squad.


Always remember that your draft selection is going to determine the success level of your fantasy football squad. You can use the following selection techniques to reduce risk, increase the reward and make another crucial decision on the fantasy football draft day:


  • Consider both skills and opportunity while choosing the player for guaranteed success.


  • Remember that RBs should be drafted early and frequently. Your precise plan will depend on your position in the draft but drafting two RBs is the ideal method in the first three rounds.


  • Look for a top-tier WR in the three rounds of the beginning. You should be able to find a consistent top 5 WR to sustain your receiving for the whole season, based on your league.


  • Do not pick a kicker or defence too early in the draft. There is a lot of depth at these spots by the conclusion of the draft.


  • Quarterbacks should be elected in the middle rounds. In the middle rounds, it is easier to find good and efficient quarterbacks. However, the top 10 quarterbacks will be selected before that.


  • Recognize and utilize position runs. It is most likely to be a waterfall effect after a player from a certain position is picked.


  • It is suggested to not draft studs during the same NFL bye week. Most of the time, teams are unable to prevent having some players on the same bye but it can risk the victory of the team.


  • Adhere to your original draft plan. Be confident about your player rankings. Trust in your strategy and do not let other coaches influence you to make a mistake.


  • Forget not to be the opportunist. Often the draft will not proceed as planned and you will have to face uncomfortable choices. Grab the high-ranking player, if you notice him falling.


  • Take advantage of possible breakouts and sleepers late in the game. During the season, you may find an average injury replacement. Drafting players who have the potential to become stars might win you the league in the later stages.


  • Consider selecting “handcuffs” for your finest player in the draft. A handcuff is a backup player yet has a lot of potentials. Handcuffing is vital in fantasy football as you would require someone to replace your finest player if the player gets hurt during the season.


  • After you’ve finished your fantasy football draft, assess your team’s strengths and shortcomings. Begin developing post-draft tactics to resolve any issues that have arisen on your team.


Happy Drafting!