Top Fantasy Football Matchups You Should Consider This Week (9)

The fantasy football season has reached its midpoint. Every week, players are producing great results against a favorable matchup. Spotting these players and exploiting the matchup can be challenging. But it will pay huge dividends in your fantasy football lineups.

Week 9 features some good on-paper matchups. So, let’s see who should be on your fantasy team this week.

  1. Austin Ekeler (Running Back), Los Angeles Chargers

So far this season, Austin Ekeler has been a PPR stud. He gets a great Week 9 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles, who have been 27th in fantasy points allowed to running backs. With an average of just under 17 touches per game, Ekeler should be in your fantasy football lineup.

  1. Brandin Cooks (Wide Receiver), Houston Texans

Brandin Cooks has been impressive this season in both real life and fantasy football. He is ranked 4th in catches (51), 7th in targets (70), and 10th in yards (585).

Cooks will face Miami Dolphins’ defence that is 30th in the NFL in fantasy points allowed to wide receivers. Also, they are 31st in passing yards allowed per game with 291.1. Brandin Cooks can get open in the short, intermediate, and deep sections of the field.

  1. Diontae Johnson (Wide Receiver), Pittsburg Steelers

Diontae has been averaging 9.0 targets per game. Johnson’s 63 targets are levelled with 15th in the league, which is remarkable given that he has missed a game and has had a bye week.

The Steelers will face Chicago Bears’ defence that is tied with the Dolphins for the second-most fantasy point given up to wide receivers this season. That is great news for Johnson, who is looking for another impressive fantasy week.

  1. Cooper Kupp (Wide Receiver), Los Angles Rams

Cooper Kupp has been marvellous this season. He’s ranked first in every receiving category. Moreover, he’s on the step to break Calvin Johnson’s single-season receiving yard record.

The Rams will face the Tennessee Titans, who are last in the NFL in the fantasy points allowed to receivers. However, The Titans are the number 1 seed in the AFC and coming off with two big wins. So, expect them to give a tough fight to the Rams and make it a good game, which is great news for Kupp’s fantasy owners.

  1. Jonathan Taylor (Running Back), Indianapolis Colts

The best matchup this week goes to Colt’s running back, Jonathan Taylor. He is having an outstanding season out of any running back in the league so far. Taylor is overall RB3 in fantasy points scored in PPR leagues.

Jonathan Taylor will face The Jets, who are last in the fantasy points allowed to running backs this season. Taylor should be on his way to a top-three RB this week, making him a must-start, including daily fantasy football lineups.

As you can see, there are some great matchups this week (9). If you can’t make your own lineups, consider taking help from the experts who can help you pick winners.

What are the best strategies for fantasy football drafting?

Fantasy football is a thrilling, challenging, and addicting pastime. Anyone can compete in fantasy football by choosing their favourite payers to form a great squad and employing ideal coaching advice to get their team stronger with time. You can try some great tactics to trade players and get free agents to enhance your position. Just stay updated with important fantasy football lineups and keep a note of crucial league dates so that you do not miss out on any chance to improve your fantasy football squad.


Always remember that your draft selection is going to determine the success level of your fantasy football squad. You can use the following selection techniques to reduce risk, increase the reward and make another crucial decision on the fantasy football draft day:


  • Consider both skills and opportunity while choosing the player for guaranteed success.


  • Remember that RBs should be drafted early and frequently. Your precise plan will depend on your position in the draft but drafting two RBs is the ideal method in the first three rounds.


  • Look for a top-tier WR in the three rounds of the beginning. You should be able to find a consistent top 5 WR to sustain your receiving for the whole season, based on your league.


  • Do not pick a kicker or defence too early in the draft. There is a lot of depth at these spots by the conclusion of the draft.


  • Quarterbacks should be elected in the middle rounds. In the middle rounds, it is easier to find good and efficient quarterbacks. However, the top 10 quarterbacks will be selected before that.


  • Recognize and utilize position runs. It is most likely to be a waterfall effect after a player from a certain position is picked.


  • It is suggested to not draft studs during the same NFL bye week. Most of the time, teams are unable to prevent having some players on the same bye but it can risk the victory of the team.


  • Adhere to your original draft plan. Be confident about your player rankings. Trust in your strategy and do not let other coaches influence you to make a mistake.


  • Forget not to be the opportunist. Often the draft will not proceed as planned and you will have to face uncomfortable choices. Grab the high-ranking player, if you notice him falling.


  • Take advantage of possible breakouts and sleepers late in the game. During the season, you may find an average injury replacement. Drafting players who have the potential to become stars might win you the league in the later stages.


  • Consider selecting “handcuffs” for your finest player in the draft. A handcuff is a backup player yet has a lot of potentials. Handcuffing is vital in fantasy football as you would require someone to replace your finest player if the player gets hurt during the season.


  • After you’ve finished your fantasy football draft, assess your team’s strengths and shortcomings. Begin developing post-draft tactics to resolve any issues that have arisen on your team.


Happy Drafting!